Friday, September 09, 2005

Baby Bean and Romance Diva Happenings

Wow - I get so caught up in life that I forget to post about it! LOL First I saw the little baby bean on ultrasound yesterday and it seems like everything is ok. There is a heartbeat! Yeah. The doctor should give me dating today but I suspect we're looking at late March/early April 2006 for this little one. Now if I could find a way to stem the morning (noon and night) sickness it would all be great! At least with the morning sickness I know little bean is still in there. In other children news my son started Grade 1 this week. It was very hard on me and I didn't expect it to be. I miss him so much and I want so much for him. I hope he fits in, makes friends, has a good teacher, etc. All the normal stuff but I know that he will make his own way and I have to let him go. My little girl started preschool this week too and she really likes it. It's amazing because starting next week I will have two days a week where I have two whole hours to myself! Two hours!! I'm probably going to need them too because once this baby comes I'm going to be awfully busy.

Allright - on to writing news... I have been writing here and there and have one short story/novella that needs to be out to a contest by Sept 14th so that will be finished this weekend. I submitted a piece of flash fiction and they wrote back saying it would be 30-60 days before they answered so I'm waiting on that. I've also got a scene in at the Scarlet Boa contest however as of this posting my scene is not up yet. Stella Cameron said there are about 100 entries so it should probably be there by the end of the day.

On Romance Divas I have four (4) book reviews that should be coming out soon and I will post the links here as soon as they are ready. Also on Romance Divas there are some great things coming up:

Free Workshop with Author Of The Month Candace Havens:

Candace Havens presents Fast Draft: How to write your first draft in two weeks. Really.Week of September 18th, 2005Fast Draft is way to get through the terror of the first draft in a fast and efficient manner. Why draw it out over several months, when you can have a first draft in just two weeks? Using creative techniques you'll learn how to write more pages a day than you ever thought possible. This class works for new writers as well as seasoned professionals, and allows writers to flesh out a story fast to see if it will work.

Live Chat with Christopher Keeslar, Senior Editor at Dorchester:

Date: Thursday, September 15th, 2005
Time: 9:00PM EST
Go to to access the chatroom.

Q & A with Deidre Knight:

During the week of Sept 18th, Super Agent Deidre Knight will be answering questions in a special section of the forum aptly titled, "Ask Deidre". Don't miss this opportunity to get those questions answer and get to know this fabulous woman!See you online!