Monday, February 26, 2007

Are you talking to me?

Hmm, maybe not.


OK, movin on (I really need some emoticons here) - Bootcamp update for those who are interested (and frankly if you're not then I apologise in advance 'cause you're getting one anyway).

  1. It's still hard.
  2. In fact, sometimes I think it is harder.
  3. Maybe that's because she changes things up so it's always new and different.
  4. I find new and different sore body parts the next day, which is always a treat.
  5. My tailbone still hasn't healed and that's a pain in the butt (sorry but it is!) when I'm trying to do certain exercises.
  6. I have lost another 1/2 inch off my waist and .3 off my hips, which is great.
  7. My weight has stayed the same, which sucks.
  8. I can do 23 girl-style pushups in one minute. At the end of the program (I'm on the second round of bootcamp and this time going for six weeks) I hope to do at least 30 (but I really want to do 50).
  9. My cardio is getting a bit better and I can almost skip rope for the whole minute (barring the times I catch the skip rope in my legs and stall out - LOL), without wanting to have a heart-attack. That's a good thing!
  10. I am still motivated to go to this class. Even when I don't want to go, I still make myself and that's a very good thing! :-)


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fixin Dinner, Missions and other stuff

OK R (3 kids lots of fun) has already mentioned this cookbook but I need to reiterate that it is fantastic. The Dinner Fix by Sand Richard is a great cookbook. I love the grocery lists and that everything is so easy to make. My kids have liked most everything so far, although some are clearly better than others, which is normal.

Last night I made the oh so simple Tuna Tetrazzini with Peas and Corn and my family gobbled it up. Dh thought it was delicious. I figured it would be ok but nothing spectacular since there really wasn't much too it. It was good. Really good. #3 loved it also and it was an easy big food transition for him since it was soft.

In other areas things for us are going better for us this past week. I am thankful. The stress was really starting to crack me up (and I don't have far to go! LOL).

Also, Dh is planning on going on the last Katrina mission trip in April. He wanted to go on the other two but as he is the self-employed, and the sole breadwinner for this family at present, it just wasn't possible. This time he has committed to going and is working to raise the required finances. If anyone who reads this blog is able to assist in this area and wants to receive a tax-deductible charity receipt you can contact the church office and donate to Burnett Fellowship with dh's name and Katrina Mission in the memo field. If you need more information than that (ie church address/phone, dh full name, etc.) leave a comment here with your email address and I will get in touch with you. We mostly ask that you say prayers towards this mission for all who are involved.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movin' and a shakin'

This is # 3 - watch him go...

This is not a walker he's in. It is supposed to be a stationary "exersaucer" type of a deal.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prayers please

If any of you who read this blog feel inclined to say some prayers for my family, I would sure appreciate it. There is just some stuff coming down on Steve and I in the past week and it hit really hard today. I posted yesterday trying to make light of some of the more stupid things that have happened to just me but with more stuff today I feel there is something else at work here.

None of the things that are going on are horrendous on their own but added up they have given us quite a burden. It's interesting to note that a lot of this came on the heels of a strong decision that dh made to get baptised and set a time frame for it.

Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I saw the signs

1. I had a resistance band snap back and bruise both hands. They've now healed mostly but my left forefinger has quite the lump.

2. I fell bruising and skinning my knee, getting rug burn on my hand and bruising another part of my body that obviously hit the ground first and that should not ever get bruised. I did this at a youth event. There's nothing like falling in front of teenagers.

3. Something that we were waiting on did not arrive leaving us in a bit of a predictament and forcing me to have to ask a favour of someone in order to finish something for someone else.

4. I got sick.

5. I had a disagreement with dh because we were both stressed out about #3.

6. A surprise I planned didn't turn out to be very surprising.

7. There was a weird thing with a friend.

8. I fell again. This time in the grocery store. I landed on my knees and pain shot up my back. I couldn't get up. I think falling in public is more embarassing than doing it in front of teenagers you know. Maybe not.

9. I haven't been able to sleep for several nights. Most of the above things swirl around my head with the addition of a few others.

What does it all mean? Just a few bad things in a small space of time. Not a big deal but sometimes I wonder why. I guess it all comes back to that faith thing. Every time I get going strong something comes back and knocks me down a few pegs. It's interesting. That's all.


Friday, February 09, 2007

This bites

...and bites hard. I've got a mark to prove it. No, no, no baby - we do not need to show seven sharp little teeth to Mommy that way. Just smile baby!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shhhhh - did you hear that?

They're all asleep. All of them! Shhh - DON'T wake them up! Frankly, I'm scared to move.

Be vewy, vewy quiet.....


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not ready yet

After a very busy weekend we find ourselves with two sick boys. #1 has tonsillitis but is well enough to go to school (doctors words not just mine). He's on antibiotics and other than having trouble eating and swallowing he's fine. His throat looks disgusting though. Blech.

#3 woke up Sunday night/Monday morning at 2am with a nasty fever of 102.5, he was all dry and felt like a sauna. Poor little guy.

I finally got the fever down by lunch, just in time to drop #2 off at preschool and head to the clinic with him where I was told there was over an hour to wait. Since I couldn't do that because I had to pick up #1 I tried a different clinic on the way. Another wait, but not as long, so we sat. We were joined by another Mom we know who had also gone to another clinic (albeit a different one than I had originally gone to) where the wait was an hour and a half. By the time the doctor saw us, #3's fever was gone thanks to baby tylenol and he was pronounced fine, but that he had a viral thing (same thing my other Mom friend was told about her dd who also had a 103 temp). I got out of there just in time to go wait for #1 who had managed to get in trouble (apparently you are not supposed to wander the halls looking a pictures when you say you are going to the washroom and never come back) so was actually late getting out of class. Which, in turn, almost made us late picking up #3 from her school on the other side of town. What fun.

Through all of that #3 still had not slept (and only had fitfully the night before) so, of course, he promptly fell asleep right as we pulled in at home and then woke up five minutes later thinking he was done. He was cranky and out of sorts but would not sleep. He wouldn't nurse either. In fact, he had refused to do so since the morning. And when I say refuse, I mean absolutely freak out about it. He was taking a bottle but normally he is quite happy to do either or both.

By this morning he still refused to nurse. He normally nurses sometime between 9 and 11pm and then again anywhere between 5 & 7 am. Nope. I think I started crying in frustration at some point. And disappointment. I'm not ready to wean him yet. Especially when he is sick. Especially since he's my last baby. I'm not ready.

I was thinking the next month or two. You might think, what's the big deal if you were going to do it in a month or two anyway but all I can say is he's my last baby. With #1 and #2, who were weaned at 8 and 10 months respectively, it was about need and going back to work and frankly just being done. It is different this time. That's all. And to me he's still so little.

After doing some research on the internet I have decided it might be a nursing strike (hey we've had a few of those in BC! LOL) so I've adopted some of the suggestions and we will see how it goes.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Party on Greg

Just like the number of parties that he has attended, I'm sure we have now covered the worship one in blogging at least that many times. While I had an interesting week and was busy right up until the second I had to be at the party it came off beautifully. Thanks in large part to M's fabulous hostessing skills and beautiful house, and R's fantastic cake. I appreciate your help, and each of you, immensely.

Some photo highlights of the night:

The food - the table was packed.
The people.

The cake - what's left of it.
The drive home.
Oh, I forgot about the nuts.


Friday, February 02, 2007

On the lighter side

Dh and I had date night on Tuesday and we went to see a movie. I let him choose because I'm just nice that way. Not wanting to see Catch & Release, and labelling it a chick flick, he decided our other choices were In Pursuit of Happyness and Epic Movie. We both want to see In Pursuit of Happyness but being that my frame of mind was pretty crappy earlier this week dh decided I needed to laugh. Therefore he chose Epic Movie.

Did I laugh? Well, if you consider I laughed at how truly bad the movie was then maybe. Did I laugh at the actual jokes and stuff in the movie designed to make me laugh? Maybe once. The movie was really, really bad.

The best part of the movie was coming out and running in to two pastors from our church and then telling them what we saw. Yeah, we're cool. They were there to see pay-per-view hockey. I think dh was wishing he was with them instead of me. Hey, I was wishing I was with them! The second best part was seeing one of the youth students from Thrive at the same movie as us. Maybe he really does think we're cool.

I don't know. I just know that it was a waste of money. At least I got popcorn and a free refill. That was yummy.