Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's all the baby's fault!

OK, I admit it I've been terribly lax about writing in my blog. Frankly it's all the baby's fault. Yes, I know that's not nice of me but really it's not nice of him to make me so sick. November and December were hard enough but then when preterm labour started the last week in January I'd just about had it. I mean I love this little person growing inside me to no end but at some point you have to say "kid, give me a break!".

So here we are now almost mid- February and I'm on limited bed rest, meaning I can do some stuff but not really. It's very clear in a hazy kind of way! LOL Don't move too much or you'll get contractions started again. However, with two other kids to care for it's not quite that easy. I'm trying to be good really I am but I'm also getting very bored. After 5 days in the hospital I was thrilled to be home and now these walls are having the same affect on me as those in the hospital room. I gotta break out of here! :-)

The one good thing that came of the early labour was that we got another ultrasound and were able to see that our baby is a boy. I'm very happy about that, of course I would have been very happy the other way too so all in all it's a good deal. Now, I know what colours to go with and don't have to neutral which is good because I'm not a huge fan of yellow. He's a big, little guy and at the time of the hospital stay it looked like he was 3.5lbs which is pretty darn good for 27-28 weeks. I wonder how big he is now that I've managed to keep him inside me for another two and a half weeks. I'm thinking he's getting pretty big if the size of my belly is any indication! I'm really not sure it can get bigger and I think this is the biggest I've been with all my babies but maybe I just don't remember.

There is a reason women don't remember these things and now I remember why I chose to forget! I wanted this last pregancy to memorable and joyous and something to treasure forever as something special I did for the last time. Growing a child in you is nothing short of a miracle I tell myself. Well yes, that's true, but for me and this pregnancy at least it certainly hasn't been joyous other than the fact that the baby is in there and doing beautifully well. It's me that's not doing too well. However, I suppose once he's here I will look back and think how wonderful it was and not remember how sick I was. Hmm, well maybe not but I swear it was never like this with the other two. Or at least I don't think so. You see I just remember that period between 22 and 32 weeks where everything was glorious, my belly was big and now people realized I was really pregnant and not just gaining an enormous amoutn of weight. My hair was good, my skin was good and all was right with the world. Really that's how I remember it.

I think after this little guy is born I'll have to search the weeks and come up with something where I felt like that. I think there was a day in October that was pretty good!! :-)

Here's photo of my little guy: