Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ink Stains

Especially when you suck it. Yeah, sucking ink is not usually a good idea. Of course babies don't know that so they do it anyway.

Talk about sucking...sigh...My back was turned for all of two seconds (max) yesterday and #3 got into my office garbage, grabbed the inkjet ink refill bottle and sucked on it. Somehow the lid cracked off and he was covered in black ink.

Normally he likes to get into my recycle bin and I let him play with the papers, that's what I thought he was doing as I stepped around my desk to see. Nope, he was in the garbage. I was like oh no, kleenex and what not, gross and leaped over to grab it away...and then he looked up. Covered in black ink around his mouth like something oozing...well oozing something. Oh, it reminded me of the the penguin from whichever Batman had Danny DeVito playing the penguin and he had that black stuff running down his face, only not as pretty! LOL

I should have taken a picture but all I could think of was to get him washed off as soon as possible. I wiped and rinsed and wiped and rinsed some more but his one hand was stained, as was his tongue. I managed to get a good bit of his face and lips clean. In the process of this I managed to get covered in ink. He was more mad that I took the ink away and was trying to get him clean.

I called Poison control and they assured me he would be fine, that it looked worse than it was and if I got the bulk of it washed off the stain would go away on its own. For having three kids that was my first call ever to poison control so I guess that's not too bad but sheesh. He obviously didn't swallow that much, if any at all, since his, er, movements were normal coloured.

All this happened right before I had to take #2 to preschool. It was lovely as #3 and I had matching blacky grey/green (it seemed to turn green as I scrubbed at it) hands.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sing it!

#1 son got to perform at The Act last night with Norman Foote. I had no idea who this guy was other than some children's performer that was singing with a choir back up.

#1 son had to be there at 6 to practice and get his bright, neon lime t-shirt to put on. The rest of us arrived at about 6:30 to stand in line and we had a friend's middle child join us as she and dd have lots of fun together and I thought she would enjoy it. We were delayed going in for a bit as I guess the choir was working on a couple of new songs that Norman through at them but then we were allowed in.

There were actually quite a lot of people. The Act holds about 500 I believe and the bottom part was pretty full. I'm sure the kids were thrilled to be able to sing to a "full house" (while technically not most of those kids wouldn't have any idea, they just saw a lot of people). We got seats right down front and I proceeded to try to take photos without flash since we weren't supposed to use it. So my photos are not great because I've used the photo software to lighten them up but you'll get the idea. DS is in the middle row, far left. He's good at snapping his fingers! LOL
#1 did a really good job, as did all of the kids. Norman worked very well with them and interacted with them a lot. He even talked about maybe using the choir for the Children's Festival so I'm not sure if that will be a go but I guess we'll find out.

Most fun parts of the night were: the pretend baby that pee'd all over Norman, the choir and then the audience; the diaper that he pulled out after pretending to change said baby, and threw at the choir and all the girls screamed; singing Old MacDonald as Bob Dylan (omg, this was hilarious!); singing Sound of Music songs as various characters including Mick Jagger doing "I am sixty going on seventy". There was something for everyone and it was all inclusive. I would recommend this show highly to anyone who has children.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Save Studio 60

OK, I have never done this before because I don't usually care enough but I LOVE Studio 60 and am very unhappy that it has been taken off the air. Apparently it might be gone for good, no one seems to know.

If you love this show go to this petition and sign it!

Perhaps, the studio executives will take note. Maybe not but one can always hope! :-)


Monday, March 19, 2007

Bad Blogger

I know I have been a neglectful blogger and I'm sorry. There was a while there that I felt my posts were all so depressing it ws better not to post. Since then life has been crazy busy with another round of illness for most of the family (dd was thankfully spared), a birthday for our youngest little man, a lot of unexpected work due to worship scheduling, and more. Our calendar was just very full.

I had to take a step back from bootcamp for a week because I was, and am, exhausted. I just didn't have the extra energy to expend and even though, this past weekend, I expended it doing something I love I now have a very weird voice that cracks and comes in and out and a chest cough that feels like I ran a million miles, as it really burns.

Now, although I have stated the above it is not to get anyone to feel sorry for me. I am in very good spirits despite this. I'm the only one who pushed myself to keep going seven days a week with all our duties and activities so I'm the only one to blame for being tired and getting a cold.

I have a full, rich life filled with people and activities I love (ok, well I don't love bootcamp exactly but I love what I hope it's doing for me! LOL). I'm a very lucky girl indeed.

Plus, I'm going on a cruise in September with my honey and a bunch of friends. Yeah, it's a long way away but I'm excited. Two days, count 'em, two days and two nights with my honey and no kids. That will be a first for us in almost eight years. We did get one night together last year but had the baby with us. The last time we had one night together without children was in September 2005 but even then I was pregnant so technically we still had a child with us! LOL

I'm going on a sea cruise, I'm going on a sea cruise....Sea cruise, baby, oh yeah... (ok, I can't remember the tune of that song I just know there is some corny song like that).


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

You changed me profoundly and I love you more than you will ever know. You are the blessing we never knew we needed and fills all of our hearts with joy every day.

It's amazing the difference one year makes...

Happy Birthday Little Peanut!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Looking Forward

There are several things I am looking forward to this year:

  1. Cruising with my friends. Without my kids. It's a very good thing.
  2. #2 starts Kindergarten. That means 2.5 hrs EVERY day with just me and #3. Not that I don't love the other two. I do but maybe he will nap. Maybe there will be silence. Ahhhh, can you hear it? Yes, I will probably cry because it's gone so fast but still I will enjoy it too.
  3. Spending more time with new and old (not necessarily in years but that too - LOL) friends.
  4. Getting more physically fit. I have committed to doing a year of bootcamp. Not sure what I was thinking but I did it so...
  5. Seeing my inspirational short published. I even have a cover now even though it isn't out until April. It's an ebook but that's ok (although I think if it sells a certain number of copies it will go to print, although I'm not sure about that either since it's so short but now I'm just babbling so I will move on. Sorry, I'm excited).
  6. Celebrating the birth of #3. That's very soon. He'll be one. Where did the last year go?
  7. Starting the Girls for God ministry with the high school girls I lead at my youth group. We are starting with a pajama party and that will be fun.
  8. Watching my dh be baptised.
  9. Buying smaller clothes (hopefully).
  10. Watching #1 sing with Norman Foote at the ACT (if you are interested, and I KNOW you are, it is Wed, Mar 21st and you can buy tickets at the ACT).
  11. Watching #2 dance at the ACT (date TBA).