Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Graduate

More photos...#2 graduated yesterday *sob*. It was only preschool but they made a big deal so there you go. Here she is:Now, she's all grown up. Well, not really. But she does have Kindergarten orientation tomorrow so that's exciting for her. Two kids in elementary and one to go. Only four more years. I think there will be only one year when they are all in the same school together.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Week in Pictures


Monday, June 11, 2007

Stars of the Future?

Here are the costume photos of #1 & #2 (they are scans of polaroids), right after they were fitted for their costumes for Stargate Atlantis. Of course, they only did background work but if you happen to see them let me know. I think it is episode 410 they will be in.

#1 ended up with a cape too. He was pretty excited about that.

#1 was also in something called The 4400 the previous week. I had to Google that because I had no idea what it was about. Still don't really. Don't know what episode for that one.

The day after Stargate Atlantis #1 did some work on a movie (made for tv maybe?) called Empty Arms. Laura Leighton is in it. She is so sweet. I tried not to embarass myself but ended up doing so when I recalled (incorrectly) that her character on Melrose was the sister to Marcia Cross' character. She didn't correct me but I remembered later. She was so nice to #1. Apparently she has a 6 1/2 year old little boy. She was laughing because #1 was not impressed that the script said he was playing a 5 year old. "I am 7 1/2 you know." So everyone on the set knows. Anyway, that was a very long day but even though he didn't have any lines, he did adlib some (which will probably be cut) but what are you gonna do with you've got the star dude flying a little boy like an airplane. #1 "Whee, that was fun" and, in answer to the question about whether he was read (to go to bed) "I think so". Pretty sure he was just supposed to nod. Oh well, I didn't hear anyone correct him.