Monday, January 28, 2008

Few and Far Between

Unfortunately I am swamped with real life right now, so not much time for blogging. Or Facebook. Or Scrabulous! :-(

BUT, I had a lovely, if busy, January. My dh and some wonderful friends held a surprise party for me for my birthday. Which surprised me since my birthday was in December. It was a truly fun evening and now I have new jammies and jeans (although the jeans may go back, because I think they are too big) - thank you again, everyone!

#2 turned 6 and had a Fairy party that was magical for the kids and a crock for me as the parent who paid $140 + tax for a few stories, some dancing, Kool-Aid and wafer cookies that cost 2 cents each at the bulk bin at Save-On. However, the kids really had fun and that IS what counts. Right? Right? Here is a photo...
There is even more stuff happening next month and some very big plans. Can't wait for that. I will share more then.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 in Review

Nope - not gonna do it.

2007 came and went and lots of stuff happened and I can't remember most of it. All I know is I spent time with good friends, had some laughs, shed some tears and ran around like crazy. Mostly I know I was blessed. Here are a few highlights in photo form, though:

Bring it on, 2008!