Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

10 years ago today. Wow. 10 years! Where did that time go? It has flown by, even though there were times when it seemed so slow. 10 years, three kids, two cats (one still with us), two dogs (none with us), three goldfish (one gigantic one still with us) and 8 moves later. We've been busy. :-D

I am a very blessed woman to have the dh I have. I truly believe God made us for each other. And while our life isn't always sunshine and roses, it is always friendship and stability. Maybe, it sounds kind of boring, and sometimes it is, I guess. But, I prefer that to the roller coaster of high highs and low lows.

We have come such a long way and there is no one on earth who is a better friend to me. We have a lot of fun together, we pull through the mire together, we hold it all together for each other and our family. We love our friends and our simple life brings us joy, even through the struggles.

I can't wait to see what the next 5, 10, 20 years holds!

Happy 10th Anniversary!